Technological innovation: the objective for 2025.

The strategy for technological innovation and the plan 'Obiettivo 2025'

What happens if a tablet would be given to elderly people living in cities at risk of digital divide? An education for correct use would be included. When they listen to the words “technological innovation” people are used to think about cutting-edge companies, or nerdy teenagers.

The Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization Paola Pisano shows us a chance of an inclusive and sustainable development. In this sense, innovation is considered to be at service of people, not vice versa, and no one is meant to be left behind.

This is the ambitious aim: innovate Italy by digitalization. The challenge focuses on all of us: the private citizen, the public administration, the enterprises. We have a lot to do to achieve the objective set for 2025.

We don't just follow the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 2025. Strategy for Italian technological innovation and digitization: this is the document proposed by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization. Our country's structural transformation process is organized into in twenty actions.

Three main challenges are described. First, the creation of a digital society: through simple platforms such as electronic identity cards, citizens and enterprises can access to user-friendly digital services.

The second challenge encourages innovation through structural changes, like the re-engineering of digital infrastructures. Finally, inclusiveness and a sustainable Artificial Intelligence are meant to play a key role.

Moreover, several operational actions are described in the document. For example, a shared and reliable digital infrastructure is thought to guarantee the technological autonomy. Ultrabroadband networks would also guarantee internet access.

A €60 million investment fund dedicated to Mobility, Robotics, AI, Cyber Security is also made available. Italy invests 1.3% of GDP in Research, Development and Innovation, compared to the European target of 3.0%.

These are the steps for a digital Italy, for everyone.

Adgenera, which has innovation in its DNA, is heavily involved in this plan. We constantly put a great effort into innovating ourselves and Companies that trust us. For this reason, we are confident that this Strategy can be a turning point for the Italian economy. A new approach to information can make our Country more efficient!

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