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Industrial Automation

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Industrial automation as a response to the growing demand for efficiency

Processes are improved, the human work is supported

Recently, the automation paradigm has been changed by the need for efficient and smart plants, fully integrated with the corporate infrastructure.

Local control logics, ready-made recipes and the simplified action-reaction philosophy have made way to wider visions. The new prospect is allowed by the industry 4.0 enabling technologies: the machine is intelligent, adaptive and capable of an effective and safe communication with the rest of the plant.

PLC programming remains a core activity of industrial automation still nowadays. However, IA is part of a wider context, where the value of a solution is increased by simulations, models, advanced algorithms and innovative technologies. Those elements guarantee the solution efficiency and, consequently, its profitability.

Adgenera's team of experts can rely on multidisciplinary skills to achieve the challenging goals of a new generation automation. Among those, the following goals are included:

  • modeling and simulation of complex systems
  • analysis of inefficiencies and recovery strategies
  • integration of IT infrastructures for secure data communication
  • revamping and retrofitting of existing plants
  • integration of off-the-shelf components and custom electronics for specific tasks
  • analysis and optimization of existing code, reverse engineering and troubleshooting
  • data management: data production, data transmission, data analysis and reporting
  • formulation of KPIs, monitoring and actions for improvement
  • adaptive and predictive algorithms, machine learning and M2M communication
  • predictive maintenance paradigms
Industry 4.0 technologies

Working with Adgenera means being supported by a single partner highly skilled in Industry 4.0 technologies. Indeed, we design machines and plants meeting the most stringent criteria of efficiency, availability and safety.

To design our solutions we use several components covering any industrial automation solution needs, such as:

  • main brands PLCs, Industrial PCs and touch panels
  • industrial fieldbuses (Modbus, ProfiNet, Ethernet / IP, CAN, LIN, etc...)
  • photocells and sensors for presence, distance and size
  • drives, rotary and linear motors
  • pneumatic components, relative circuits and solenoid valves
  • components for operator interaction, HMIs and SCADA systems
  • components for protection and safety
  • tracking components such as barcode, QR and RFID readers
  • vision and quality control systems
  • wired and wireless network equipment
  • automatic handling systems, AVGs and industrial robots
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