Consulting for Calibration, Application and Dataset Management for Powertrain based on Engines and After Treatment Systems

Advanced Engineering Consultancy
for "automotive" sector

Automotive Sector

Over twenty years of experience in advanced applications of electronics and information technology

We work alongside the R&D divisions of manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry, providing know-how and experience to support the acceleration of the pace of innovation and minimize the time-to-market of products.

In the automotive sector, competition and new regulations require constant research into solutions that optimize performance, efficiency and safety.

Electronics are increasingly present in the components of both engine and vehicle: calibration of control units, design of engine and vehicular diagnosis, network connection of cars, powertrain applications of diesel, hybrid and electric engines, driving assistance, preventive maintenance, telematics, etc...

Specialist skills and custom automotive solutions

Advanced management of electronics in the motor industry, prototyping, measurement and control, analysis of test fleet data and predictive maintenance

Application and calibration of engine and vehicle control

Basic engine calibration
  • Parameterization of engine functions based on the specific Customer
  • Calibration on engine bench and vehicle
  • Functional tests, data analysis and recursion
Vehicle calibration
  • Parameterization of vehicular functions based on the specific Customer
  • Calibration on roller bench and track
  • Functional tests, data analysis and recursion
Application of the injection system
  • Installation check of the components based on the supplier's specifications
  • Validation measures based on the Customer's standards
  • Support for winter and summer tests

Application and calibration of exhaust gas treatment systems

System definition
  • System architecture definition
  • Component selection
  • Function specification
Particulate filter (DPF)
  • Soot model calibration
  • Regeneration calibration
  • Installation verification
  • Validation measures and analysis of fleet data
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • NH3 accumulation model calibration
  • Efficiency model calibration
  • Temperature model calibration
  • Installation verification
  • Validation measures and analysis of fleet data

Electronic control unit configuration

Dataset management
  • Assignment of the responsibilities of the variables
  • Subset collection
  • Union of the subsets in the dataset
  • Verification and control of the data set based on the standards defined by the Customer
  • Support to the SW development departments
  • Troubleshooting on the engine and vehicle
Control unit interfaces
  • Electrical inputs/output configuration
  • CAN calibration based on the Customer's standards
  • Definition and control of the wiring
  • Support in defining Customer diagnosis specifications
  • Definition and calibration of the diagnosis based on Customer specifications
  • Test and validation of the diagnosis based on Customer specifications

Model-based design and testing

Specific configuration of the Testbench
  • Assembly and wiring
  • HW configuration
  • SW installation
Adaptation of the interfaces between the simulation environments
  • Control variable mapping
  • I/O signals mapping
  • CAN/LIN message mapping
Test Case formulation
  • Diagnostics
  • CAN/LIN bus
  • Functional checks
Result analysis and troubleshooting
  • Model consistency
  • Test Case update
  • Automatic Reporting generation

Fleet data management

Installation and management of the instrumentation
  • Drive recorder
  • Telemetry
  • Additional sensors
Fleet data analysis
  • Fleet data collection in database format with dedicated algorithms
  • Summary of results based on the parameters required by the project
  • Report for the Customer in the requested format
Predictive maintenance
  • Criteria for analysing fleet data for predictive purposes
  • Use of tools for predictive analysis available on the market
  • Refining extraction algorithms

Bench measurements, prototyping & benchmarking (with our partners)

Performance and emissions measurement
  • Measurements on engine bench
  • Roller bench measurements
  • Road measurements
Experimental constructions
  • Mechanical drawing
  • Creating mechanical details
  • Assembly and modification of prototypes
  • Competition analysis on engine details
  • Competition analysis on particular vehicles
  • System analysis and comparison
Case History
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