Electronic design on demand, based on customized PCB with embedded firmware and software

Tailored Electronic

from idea to production.

Tailored Electronic Design

Custom electronic devices suitable for any application

Adgenera offers Customers the most qualified experts to develop customized electronic projects tailored and suitable for any application.

The team designs custom electronic boards for any industrial and consumer sector, supporting the Customer in finding the best solution for its product or plant.

Adgenera does not limit itself to gathering requirements and features. Instead it actively proposes various technological solutions, choosing with the Customer the option that best suits their needs.

An initial feasibility analysis allows the Customer to know the implementation times and costs, as well as the main electronic components to be used and the overall dimensions of the personalized board.

The project team handles the design of the PCB, the choice of electronic components to be mounted on the board, the implementation and the testing, to ensure the highest quality of the result.

The Customer can request the production of prototypes, the engineering and the subsequent series production of the electronic board.

Adgenera's offerings

Adgenera completes the range of its services by offering the implementation of the firmware and the board's interface, acquisition, diagnostic and programming applications, easily integrated into a complete "turnkey" solution.

The Adgenera team's experience, gained in many complex and rigorous sectors, allows it to design quickly concrete, reliable, innovative and technologically advanced custom solutions.

The activities offered to the Customer are:
  • Electronic design and hardware design.
  • Design and production of prototypes.
  • Firmware design and development.
  • PCB design and complete electronic boards.
  • Electronic circuits projects.
  • Series production and testing.
  • Integration into existing products and plants.
  • Design and development of HMIs, diagnostic and programming tools.

The system vision of the experts offers Customers the ideal tools to implement customized electronic projects that are easy to integrate and are compatible with the application sector standards.

A flexible and rigorous approach to design ensures an excellent result, regardless of the complexity of the project and the specific technical constraints of the context.

There are electronic solutions custom-designed by Adgenera in many sectors, covering various fields of application, including:
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Wearable Devices
  • Industry and Automation
  • Logistics
  • Biomedical
  • Naval and Transportation
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