Our Team of Experts works with the Customer to bring Energy, Harmony and Concreteness


Multidisciplinary skills and great flexibility
for multinational Groups and Small and Medium-sized Companies

About us

Adgenera is a dynamic engineering company, open to the challenges of technological innovation. We provide the Customer with excellent know-how and skills that allow us to tackle projects with a systemic approach: customized electronic design, software development with programming languages of any level, smart interface design and cloud computing.

Adgenera is characterized by a lean organization that combines rigorous management of projects with great flexibility. This enables us to provide the Customer with a work team tailored to the project and able to provide competitive and quick solutions.

Our multidisciplinary skills and organizational flexibility allow us to provide valid solutions to both large multinational Groups and Small and Medium Enterprises. Qualified references testify to our experience.

The Team

Adgenera is made up of specialist resources that contribute high-level multi-year skills and experience, diversified by technologies and application sectors. In addition, Adgenera provides a vast network of relationships with important innovation centres, universities, research centres, laboratories and specialist partners.


We share our Customer's goals

We collaborate with our Customer, supporting technological innovation in products and processes, sharing efficiency targets and performance improvements, in terms of:

  • business development, by developing new solutions (products, services and functionalities) that enhance competitiveness and Customer satisfaction;
  • cost reduction, by optimizing products and production processes;
  • increased productivity, designing solutions that optimize activities and processes;
  • sustainability, through the attention to efficiency and savings of energy and resources;
  • safety, taking care of the interaction with humans and the environment, in compliance with the rules in force.

Our Values for Excellence push us for continuous improvement. Every day, in every activity.

Case History
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