soluzioni per automazione

Industrial Automation

Modernization, Efficiency and Revamping (Upgrade)

Building a plant is an important investment. Keeping its performance in accordance with the market requests is a constant and necessary challenge. The technological evolution of Automation brings advanced solutions to keep the system competitive and modern throughout its useful life.

If the improvement of the production line performance is needed, Companies don't have to dismiss and replace the current line with a new one. Instead, it is possible to identify personalised interventions on the existing plant.

For example, automatic inspection and testing systems can be integrated into the line to reduce scraps and increase production quality. In addition, it is possible to identify the plant bottlenecks and then implement new faster technologies, to enhance process or throughput.

Again: sensors, adaptive algorithms and M-2-M communication are employed to improve the automation lines in terms of their availability, utilization rate and flexibility. The solutions described have multiple advantages: they require a much smaller investment than building a new plant, they generally have a limited completion time and mostly they need a negligible line downtime, or they don’t require it at all!

Adgenera is able to carry out an in-depth assessment of the status quo, verifying together with the Client the interventions characterized by the best cost-benefit ratio.

Some of the methods and tools employed are listed below:

  • workflow analysis
  • measurement and monitoring campaigns
  • acquisition and analysis of production data
  • discrete event simulators
  • models
  • optimization algorithms
  • reverse engineering
  • integration of new devices.
Case History
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