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The advantages
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The role of edge computing in data traffic management

Edge Computing is one of the most rapidly spreading architecture in the Industrial Automation, although it is not mentioned among the Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0. In fact this solution allows the effective implementation of other technologies in the productive environment.

The traditional control architecture of automated lines includes intelligent units - generally PLCs - acquiring data (directly or through fieldbus) and managing motors or other actuators.

Even though these units have evolved over time, they have a limit of resources. Infact, they are highly specialized for a task: the control of the production line.

The focus on data as a value, a source of knowledge, is one of the most important megatrends of recent years. Data are a necessary basis to run complex algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

During the regular operation of a plant it is possible to extract lots of data directly from the sensors or from the PLC that controls them. To manage them, memory and computing power are required to be allocated next to the data sources: here comes the Edge Computing.

Infact, Edge relates to the edge of the line where the device is installed. In particular, it's installed in the electrical panels, generally next to the PLCs and to the terminal blocks connected to the sensors.

In this way the data traffic is local e does not consume bandwidth in the higher level network infrastructure. It allows to minimize the transfer delay.

Like any new solution, it is important to understand its benefits in order to smartly introduce it in the production line. A real return on investment is expected.

The companies that want to understand the real advantage of this technology - as complex as useful - must choose a partner who has gained experience in many industrial sectors, such as Adgenera.

The advantages
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