soluzioni per automazione

Industrial Automation

New Lines and Machines

The role of automation has become increasingly widespread and today it is the main tool to keep the production process competitive in terms of efficiency and quality.

Many operations once carried out manually (selection, control, inspection, manipulation, assembly, testing, ...) can be now automated through advanced and innovative technologies.

The development of turn-key solutions allows the installation of new machines in a short time. On the other hand, collaborative technology is the key for operators and machines engaged in the same task to share spaces.

Any step of a production process can be analyzed and decomposed in order to identify which individual tasks can be automated.

Depending on the customer's needs and the expected ROI, it is possible to select the best approach among those the technology makes vailable: the use of a robotic cell, the arrangement of a transport line and the integration of new machines are just a few examples of how a process, or part of it, can be fully or partially automated.

In this field, Adgenera puts its advanced system skills to good use in order to study and design innovative machines capable of solving the most recent automation challenges.

Depending on the context, only one architecture or the integration of multiple ones can be selected. Those are based primarily on the following technologies:

  • real-time controller (PLC or industrial-PC)
  • handling lines and conveyor lines
  • articulated robots, scara, delta or hybrid type robots
  • sensors and measurement systems
  • actuators, grippers and locking systems
  • pneumatic and vacuum technology
  • vision systems and Smart Cameras
  • HMI and display systems.
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