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Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0

The Intelligent Factory is the modern paradigm to combine values of efficiency, sustainability, safety and Human Resources enhancement.

The use of innovative and unprecedented technologies in the industrial sector, defined "enabling" for a precise reason, is the basis of the fourth industrial revolution.

The approach arises from the need to gain competitiveness in the industrial field and to meet the challenges of production flexibility with limited times and costs.

The highest expression of this paradigm is the concept of "batch-size-one": we use these words when a production line can generate customized products in single units while maintaining the typical "mass production" efficiency.

As the complexity increases, the interactions between electronic systems and operators grow exponentially. The issues of safety and security, in terms of protection for people and against violations, gain a primary importance role.

Adgenera constantly updates its skills in 4.0 technologies thanks to its important relationships with leading technological partners. We are driven by the goal of providing intelligent and resilient automation solutions suitable for new industrial scenarios.

The Automation 4.0 solutions are based on the application of:

  • collaborative man-machine solutions
  • connected machines and cyber physical systems
  • advanced simulation and Digital Twin
  • highest levels of vertical and horizontal integration
  • IIot systems (Industrial-Internet of Things)
  • edge computing and cloud computing.
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